AriSEIA Executive Director Lucy Mason
AriSEIA Executive Director Lucy Mason


Thank you to all AriSEIA members who attended the Winter Membership meeting at Lucille’s Smokehouse and Bar B Que in Tempe on January 23rd.  Representative Ken Clark brought us up to date on the AZ Legislature as well as an ongoing discussion that he has opened regarding grid modernization challenges and opportunities. Board President Brandon Cheshire ran the meeting. I gave the 2017 action report, Brandon introduced our new board members, and

SRP board member Nick Brown introduced candidates who have expressed interested in being elected to SRP district board seats. Ballots must be mailed before March 31st. Further information is included in today’s newsletter.

AriSEIA is excited to announce that we have two new board members. Bonnie Katz from PEP Solar was elected with 100% of counted member votes to fill the seat held to a completed term, by Corey Garrison, and Luke Alm from Solon America was appointed to fill the vacated board seat by Lee Feliciano. We wish to acknowledge and thank Corey Garrison and Lee Feliciano for their years of service and dedication to AriSEIA. We are also proud to welcome current board member Sara Birmingham, from SEIA as our new Secretary, as well as Luke Alm as our new Treasurer.

AriSEIA Past President Mark Holohan and I have been meeting with Arizona Corporation Commissioners and staff, representing you on interconnection issues currently in the Tucson Electric Power (TEP) area. Before Christmas we met with Commissioners Bob Burns, Andy Tobin, and Tom Forese, and this last week we caught up with Commissioner Justin Olsen. As AriSEIA members contact our office with issues we respond to the appropriate agencies, elected officials, staff, or utilities to identify problems and suggest solutions. We will keep you posted on our progress with TEP, but please contact us with your concerns. We can help!

The Arizona Court of Appeals issued an Opinion on May 18, 2017, finding that Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) had illegally attempted to assess new property taxes on rooftop solar systems in violation of longstanding law. ADOR appealed that matter to the Arizona Supreme Court and the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case.  The AriSEIA Board was able to get one of the top law firms in the Country to represent our interests with this Brief in support of the Court of Appeals Decision. The Court accepted the case and oral arguments were heard this past Friday, January 25th.  AriSEIA was there to show our support of the Court of Appeals Decision.

News came late this week that the Trump administration has approved recommendations based on the investigations and findings of the bipartisan US International Trade Commission (ITC) to introduce a new 30% tariff on all solar modules imported from China. This amount will decrease to 25% in the second year, 20% in the third and by the fourth year to 15%.

The question is, of course, how is that going to affect AriSEIA members? Like any significant change, some solar companies may be affected more than others, but in taking an average, it is suggested that the overall impact could reduce the solar market from 10%-20% the first year. Solar companies will need to adjust their purchases and processes accordingly, and work with their customers to keep the market alive. While it is hoped that solar manufacturers will move their companies back to the US, we will be working to invite those companies to relocate here in Arizona.

ARIZONA ENERGY CROSSROADS – Prescott Public Radio 90.1FM in Prescott
This week we interviewed the APS State Director of Regulation and Compliance, Greg Bernosky, who gave an alert to all solar customers that have met the application deadline of September 1, 2017 for solar installation to qualify for grandfathered net metering, must have their installations completed February 18, 2018. Click hear to listen to the show archive.

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