Commissioner Dunn’s Transportation Electrification Workshop scheduled for November 5, 2018:
  • As you may remember from previous updates (August 10, 2018, and August 14, 2018), Commissioner Boyd Dunn opened a new docket into “Electric Vehicles, Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, and Electrification of the Transportation Sector in Arizona.” See Docket No. E-00000J-18-0266.
  • Commissioner Dunn also filed a letter in that docket announcing that he will schedule a workshop on transportation electrification.
  • That workshop has now been scheduled for November 5, 2018 at 10:30 a.m. See the announcement here.
  • In a prior letter Commissioner Dunn filed in the docket, he highlighted a number of questions that he hopes the workshop will address including how the Commission can address regulatory, commercial, and political challenges that face the electric vehicle market; and the appropriate role for utilities in the transportation electrification arena.

AriSEIA thanks Ellen Zuckerman from SWEEP for sharing her report!