What does Democrat Sandra Kennedy’s re-election mean for the Arizona Corporation Commission and APS?

  • Democrat Sandra Kennedy, who previously served on the commission and was re-elected in the November election, campaigned against corruption and backed Prop. 127.
  • Both Kennedy and Justin Olson (who was re-elected to keep his ACC seat this year), have taken positions against the state’s largest utility, APS. The results of this election could set up the three votes required to push back against APS efforts, like their $95 million rate-hike which is now under scrutiny and an additional proposed rate hike.
  • Kennedy’s re-election could also lead to a push for more renewables on the grid.
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ACC attorneys challenge Bob Burns’ bid to expose APS election spending

  • Earlier this month, ACC attorneys told a judge to block Bob Burns’ bid for an investigation into a potential conflict of interest.
  • The bid asks investigate whether financial support from APS/Pinnacle West influenced Commissioners’ votes to allow the company to collect more money from customers.
  • If the judge decides there is evidence of conflict of interest, the decision could void the board’s approval of last year’s APS rate hike.
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