ACC to hear proposed interconnection rules; AriSEIA files document with suggested modifications

  • Proposed utility interconnection rules have been in the making for 12 years now, and are on the agenda for the Arizona Corporation Commission Dec. 17, 2018 meeting. AriSEIA is excited to participate in this process, and we have filed this document into the Docket asking the Commission for modifications that will strengthen consumer rights, and pave the way for a more sustainable energy future in Arizona.
  • The suggested modifications will accommodate for the future implementation of battery storage, require a transparent process for the utilities to modify their interconnection requirements with oversight and stakeholder input, as well as advocate for removal of punitive requirements that allow for complete termination of electrical service if a distributed generation system is found to be operational when not approved by the utility company. This process is vital to providing a streamlined process for all utility companies, and will allow the solar industry to forecast costs, both accurately and consistently, which will lower prices for every party involved in solar energy. 
  • Click here to view the Dec. 17 – Dec. 18 Open Meeting agenda.

Groups urge ACC to expand biomass energy in Arizona

  • Forest restoration advocates urged the ACC this week to consider a mandate which would require power companies to buy at least 90 megawatts of energy from biofuel power plants burning plant waste. Click here to learn more.
  • Last May, APS issued an RFP for the expansion of forest bioenergy. The sole respondent to the RFP, Novo Power, has submitted a proposal to the ACC asking them to expand forest biomass energy and add an additional 50 megawatt power plant fueled by the waste material from forest restoration. The ACC will vote on the proposal on December 17. Click here to learn more.

Organizations release new report estimating the impacts of increased electric vehicle use

  • Last week, the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) and Western Resource Advocates (WRA) released a report estimating the impacts of greater plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) use in Arizona.
  • The report found that the increased use of PEVs would reduce utility and transportation costs, boost local economies, improve air quality, and more.
  • The ACC will hold an open meeting on December 17 to consider a new policy that could guide the state’s transition to clean and efficient electric vehicles.
  • Read more here.