Highlights from the Dec. 17 ACC Open Meeting:

  • Commissioners voted to adopt a policy statement addressing forest bioenergy in Arizona, which we discussed in our previous update blog. This means the ACC will now examine having 60 MW or greater of biomass energy developed through renewables.
  • The ACC formally adopted a policy on electric vehicles and EV infrastructure development in Arizona. Read our last update to learn more about this step forward for EVs in our state!
  • The Commission also voted to have APS, Tucson Electric Power Company, and UNS Electric create or modify their alternative generation rate schedules for medium and large size commercial customers. To learn more, visit the online docket at http://edocket.azcc.gov. Docket number: RU-00000A-18-0284.

Commissioners Dunn and Burns filed a letter into the original rate hike Docket calling for a rate review and possible reconsideration of the 2017 APS rate hike