ACC approves new draft interconnection rules

  • At their Jan. 16 meeting, Commissioners preliminarily approved a set of rules that could help link renewables and batteries to the grid, making it easier for customers across the state to utilize clean energy.
  • The new rules will set standards for interconnection of distributed generating systems, as well as provide provisions for home battery storage systems.
  • The draft rules are expected to be considered for formal approval within the next few months.
  • The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking is expected to be published in the Arizona Administrative Register on February 15, 2019. Once it is filed, a formal public comment period will be held. During this period, the Commission will accept written comments filed into the docket.
  • The Commission will hear oral comments on March 28 in Tucson and March 29 in Phoenix. Stay tuned to our blog for details on locations and times.
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Commissioner files two requests for new dockets related to APS

  • Commissioner Sandra Kennedy filed a request for a new docket to be opened “for the purpose of commencing a rate review process for APS.” Click here to learn more about the ACC’s decision to perform an audit and rate review of APS.
  • Additionally, Kennedy filed a request for a new docket to be opened in the matter of the Commission’s investigation into campaign spending by APS/Pinnacle West in 2012, 2014, and 2016 elections.

Tucson Electric Power (TEP) energy efficiency plan still waiting for vote

  • In 2017, TEP proposed their 2018 Energy Efficiency Implementation Plan. The plan was expected to receive a vote at the ACC’s December 2018 Open Meeting, but the Commission did not get around to addressing it.
  • The plan was scheduled to be discussed at the Jan. 16 meeting, but was pulled from the agenda.
  • Stay tuned to our blog for updates.

Electric vehicle policies spark conversation across state

  • In December, the ACC voted to adopt policies to encourage the use of electric vehicles and  infrastructure investment to support growth. 
  • The Commission has received various letters opposing the policies, but policy supporters say the effort is a step in the right direction for a more sustainable and prosperous future for the state. 
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