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Solar Thermal

Heating Water With Sunlight

Solar Thermal

Solar energy can be harnessed to heat water for buildings, swimming pools and industrial processes. Facilities that install solar water systems enjoy many benefits including energy savings, inflation protection, architectural innovation, enhanced green building scores and favorable public relations.

Solar Thermal for Commercial and Non-profit organizations in Arizona has a couple of success stories including the Gatorade facility and the Desert Mountain High School in Scottsdale Arizona, a 500 Ton 50,000 square foot project.

Solar systems enjoy significant tax benefits including a 30% federal investment tax credit and depreciation. Arizona offers a 10% tax credit limited to $25,000 and subject to fund availability. Currently solar systems tend to be most attractive to taxpaying organizations. Utility incentive programs that made systems attractive to schools and governments in the past have been ended recently by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

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