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Solar Electric




Residential Solar

Clean, sustainable solar is coming into its own as a dependable, modern energy strategy with significant financial and environmental advantages.

Lower energy bills that will never go up. Reducing our dependence upon fossil fuels.  Ensuring a cleaner environment for future generations to enjoy. Creating quality jobs for Arizonans in an expanding global industry.  There are so many reasons that solar is becoming an energy option of choice for financially and environmentally savvy consumers and commercial enterprises. Other benefits to consider:

  • Reduced electric costs
  •  Higher resale value for properties
  • Investment with guaranteed rate of return that increases as the cost of living goes up
  • Guilt free use of electricity for greater comfort, efficiency and convenience
  • Contributing to a cleaner, healthier planet

Commercial Solar

Businesses, government, schools and non-profits have installed solar electric systems in their facilities and enjoyed many benefits including energy savings, inflation protection, architectural innovation, enhanced green building scores and favorable public relations. Solar panels can be installed on roofs, on shade structures or on ground mounted arrays. Many systems are installed on new structures providing shade, a very valuable feature in our hot desert climate. Systems are typically designed to last 30 years and may be financed by companies offering leases or power purchase agreements.

Solar systems enjoy significant tax benefits including a 30% federal investment tax credit and depreciation. Arizona offers a 10% tax credit limited to $25,000 and subject to fund availability. Currently solar systems tend to be most attractive to taxpaying organizations. Utility incentive programs that made systems attractive to schools and governments in the past have been ended recently by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

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