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AriSEIA is a solar industry trade association giving a voice and representation to Arizona solar businesses in state and local legislatures, with the media, utilities, and with consumers seeking expert solar resources. AriSEIA membership includes solar photovoltaic and solar thermal contractors, installers, manufacturers, distributors, consultants, engineers and designers, residential and commercial system owners and members of the public.

Corporate Memberships

Membership benefits include the most current information on Arizona solar initiatives both pro and con, lobbying activities, discounts to some solar industry events, networking with other AriSEIA members for mutual advancement, a forum for each member to participate in solar industry advancement in the state of Arizona and beyond.

Further, members enjoy AriSEIA logo usage and a unique position of confidence with consumers if they join the Preferred Solar Installer program.

AriSEIA Solar Energy Coalition

AriSEIA is now welcoming solar system owners/leasees, those considering purchasing or leasing solar energy systems and supporters of solar to join and become active in the organization.  For only $10 per month, you can help support AriSEIA's fight to protect your investment and make it possible for others to retain their right to install solar on their properties or their community. Click here for more information

2018 Membership Dues


Solar Business

Less than $350,000..…………….$395

$350,000 to $700,000..………..$795

$700,001 to $1,500,000..……..$1,495

$1,500,001 to $3,500,000….…$1,995

$3,500,001 to $6,500,000…….$2,495

$6,500,001 to $10,000,000……$3,995

tart Up Manufacturer: $1,750 (Less than 2 Years)

Any company, corporation, or business entity that is participating in a commercial manufacturing venture of solar energy equipment, related supporting equipment or services

Universities $2,700 - Voting

Arizona universities involved with renewable energy programs regarding, research and product development, solar or wind economic business modeling, sustainability degree programs, or implementation of solar on university buildings.

Select Membership Level

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Unlimited lifetime membership for individuals who wish to gain public recognition by giving philanthropically to AriSEIA. Contributors provide a lasting benefit by promoting AriSEIA’s mission to clean energy sustainability, environmental responsibilities, and the advancing solar business technological opportunities of the future.

Select Utility Type

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Annual investment is Based on number of employees: 1-10 ($595), 11-50 ($795), 51+ ($995)

Law firms, CPA’s and accounting, insurance carriers, architects, financiers, and banking institutions.

Select Number of Employees

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AriSEIA Solar Energy Coalition: (Solar Advocates) $100

Individual membership only. Be a part of a lasting and clean energy future by participating in our advocacy at the Arizona Legislature, workshops, annual Arizona Energy Crossroads Conferences, networking events and more.

Membership Application & Payment Form (Secure) - Click Here

(Investor Owned Utility Membership) - $10,000
(Municipal or Cooperative Membership) - $5000

Membership is available to any utility, enables a positive working communication with AriSEIA companies, and exemplifies the utility’s working commitment to its customers to support their energy choices, and a sustainable energy future.

Select Utility Type

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To apply for membership to AriSEIA, please download and complete the application form below and submit it as directed along with payment of the required fees for the level of membership desired.

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